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SAE Institute Glasgow Reflective Report Name: Thomas Gallagher Student number: 16985 Email address: Course code: ADHE0413 Lecturer: Omar Khan Submission for: BA/BSC Audio Production Submission Date: 29th August 2014 DECLARATION OF ORIGINALITY I hereby declare that I wrote this essay on my own and without the use of any other than the cited sources and tools and all explanations that I copied directly or in their sense are marked as such, as well as that the dissertation has not yet been handed in neither in this nor in equal form at any other official commission. Signature: Date: Place: CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Page 4 Overview Page 4 Backgound Page 4 THE PROCESS Page 5 Team roles…show more content…
I also thought that we would work well together and would develop a good idea as a team. The members of the team had not worked together on such an extensive project together, although we did have some contact working on a previous assignment on the subject of feminism; however our working relationships essentially felt like they were starting a fresh. The business model we decided upon was based on providing a web application that allowed audio equipment shops, studios and audio professionals (collectively referred to as ‘service providers’ within the project) to advertise and sell their services to consumers. The business model is similar to that of ‘Just Eat’ or ‘eBay’ but designed and targeted at ‘audiophiles’, hence the name ‘WavePhile’.The concept for the business grew out of our initial idea to connect session musicians in local areas. However after the group discussed this we decided to include other services such as studio hire and equipment hire/sales as we realised that from a technical standpoint offering one of these features could be easily modified to include many. This would also offer us a unique selling point as although other applications offer similar services, none bring them together as one. Taking this into consideration, we were also conscious not to overcomplicate the design of the system during the process. We looked at ‘Reverbnation’ as an example of a system

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