`` Declaration Of Principles `` By Charles Foster Kane

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Charles Foster Kane strived for the public’s adoration and for them to worship him. In trying to achieve the public’s appreciation and idolization, Kane buys the New York Inquirer. Kane publishes what is called “declaration of Principles”. In this declaration of principles Kane states he will not with hold anything from his readers and be truthful. Kane believes that with being honest that he will earn the readers trust when other newspapers are hiding the true details from them. Orson Wells leads the audience to believe that Kane craves this attention and desire for worship due to his childhood. Kane was forced to leave home at a young age to pursue better opportunities as an adult. One evening on his way to find his youth Kane runs into a beautiful young woman named Susan Alexander. Kane instantly adores Susan for her innocents, her unfulfilled childhood desires and the ability to laugh through the pain of a tooth ache. Kane is surprisingly shocked that Miss Alexander does not recognize him for who he is; however she reassures him that she still likes him. Susan is all giggles about Kane being splashed in the face with muddy water by a passing vehicle. This endears her to him almost instantly. That first night Susan confides in Kane, informing him of her longing about singing or rather how her mother wanted her to sing. Bringing to light how both seemed unhappy with their childhood; due to their mother’s dreams and expectations. Kane was very manipulative…
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