Declaration Of Righteousness Through Christ

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Declaration of righteousness through Christ Presented to Dr. Martin Sheldon BIBL 425 – Romans By Nathan Garçonvil L23590987 Date 09/08/2014 I. Intro Understanding the doctrine of justification by faith should be every Christian primary objective, for it represents the foundation of our entire religious belief. While justification by faith has been the subject of many debates, and the target of many who are trying to undermine the Christian’s faith, it remains the most important doctrine in a Christian’s life, for it is the only doctrine that separates the Christian faith from many other religions and sects. This theological doctrine has been debated and re-debated for years. What is the reasons behind all these disagreement? Why can’t human accept the free gift of salvation without associated it with extra work? Is it because we are trying to justify ourselves? Or, is it because the human race is too far evil that it cannot accept being justified as righteous before God? Maybe Thomas Oden put it exactly, when he stated: “We in our self-assertiveness would much prefer to justify ourselves rather than receive God 's free gift….The message of justification is difficult to accept because it seems too good to be true. It says: Stop trying to justify yourself. You do not need to.” If we wake up one day and realize, “Hey! I don 't need to justify myself!”–then shackles will fall like dropped popcorn, and our inner soul will feel an exhilarating liberation.” What

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