Declaration Of The United States

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Declaration of War It is very well known within the American public that Congress is the only one who has the power to declare war. Interestingly enough, ever since World War II congress has yet to formally declare war on anyone. For this reason, it is fair to say that the power to declare war has shifted away from congress and towards the President as congress merely agrees to seek resolutions involving military efforts but, again, without actually formally declaring war (Official Declarations of War by Congress). In Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States, the very details of this power are written for the country to make out. This power was placed upon Congress in order to check the president, who happens to be…show more content…
As great as the idea may sound, this ever so important power is far too complex that irrefutably, congress shall continue to exercise their power given to them by the founding fathers and the President maintain his power in regards to military command. If there was a new amendment, it would rewrite the US Constitution and permit the American public to vote on whether or not the United States of America can go to war. However, this idea would not be feasible as the United States public does not seem to participate well in voting events, there is time sensitivity, and other ramifications that involve politics. If the United States was to amend this law and put it in the hand of the people, it would be difficult to say that most Americans would vote on such an important matter. In recent Presidential elections, which arguably are the most important elections the United States has, 61.6 percent of the eligible population voted (2008 Voter Turnout). Within the primaries, the percent dropped eighteen percent since the 2010 election (Schwarz). With the numbers being tremendously low it is hard to put such an immense responsibility within the American citizens if they do not even show much interest in electing the Commander in Chief for the next 4 years. That is not to say that no one will vote, but if there is about 40 percent of the population being left out in such a crucial decision how is it fair to say that the right choice would be
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