Decline of the Traditional American Family: Homosexual Parents

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RS-151 Final Paper Decline of the Traditional American Family: Homosexual Parents The conception that lesbians and gay men may be parents is frequently perceived in today 's society as impossible or immoral. Gay men and lesbians are often viewed as excluded from having children because sexual reproduction is related to men and women couples only. My approach to this uniquely controversial topic of gay parenting will be that of attempting to analyze the pro side. Gays and lesbians are human too and who is to say that they don 't deserve equal rights in society. Society has to realize that the modern family has developed into many different forms in recent years in that the traditional "nuclear family" is not necessarily the…show more content…
Some individuals will face some dilemmas and issues in life, but it is those issues and how a family deals with them effectively that will make them stronger as a family unit. Everyone deals with pressures of everyday life and it is those who learn by them that are prosperous. Therefore, society should not rule out homosexual parents due to issues that this may cause. There are many types of families that aren 't picture perfect where the children and the parents have to overcome obstacles due to their situation. Single-parent homes aren 't considered picture perfect and have issues too, but these parents aren 't being questioned of their competence as parents. Just like getting pregnant with an unknown father doesn 't disqualify the mother as an able parent, sexual orientation shouldn 't either. With specific reference to child rearing, parents are told that problems arise in all homes, with all children, and at all ages. The interesting fact being that the problems do or do not arise but what method should be employed in dealing with them when they arise. Again this proves that raising a child is not easier if you are straight. Good parenting skills come from experience not just a pretty looking package such as the "nuclear family." Problems in the home are inevitable, in all forms of families, it is how the problems are dealt with that make the difference- the type of family has nothing to do with it. Those who
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