Essay about Declining Ethics in American Culture

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Declining Ethics in American Culture

It is unfortunate to see how ethics in the American culture are constantly declining. People’s moral values are below normal societal standards, which is why, the older generations are outraged by the way things are now, and become rather upset and feel disturbed towards society. Furthermore, religion has lost its value throughout the years. In the essay, "Do Kids Need Religion?" by Anthony Brandt, he underlines the idea of how religion is not properly taught or provided to children. In Wendy Shalit’s essay, "The Future of Modesty," she discusses how much modesty has reached its worst in the younger generations, however society is beginning to raise these standards once again. Nonetheless,
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It is up to parents to instill faith in their kids; this way children can turn to their religion in time of need. As Brandt says, "many [parents] are proud to be without religion whose children cannot afford their being without it" (194). However, in today’s modern culture, as Brandt adds, "Morality can survive without religion, it appears; children can be taught the importance of right versus wrong without benefit of religious training" (139). So, Americans are beginning to turn away from the church, and do not rely on the church as much as they did many years ago.

Secondly, "Everyday, it seems, another girl is assaulted in school," says Wendy Shalit in her essay "The Future of Modesty" (214). It is horrifying to say such a thing, but it is reality. "In the nineteen fifties, I was not afraid of being raped; I was afraid of being talked about" says Shalit (214). In fact, modesty has extremely dropped in value throughout time. In a liberal society as ours, anything goes. Teenagers are very open about their sexuality, however, they "are not emotionally ready to make judgment about the quality of intimate responsibility for their actions" (Religion-online 2). So, teens have such liberal views on life that their decisions often reflect poor moral judgment. "Young
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