Declining Fish Stock: over-Fishing the World's Oceans Essay

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The world’s oceanic large fish populations are disappearing at an alarming rate and extinction is a growing concern. An estimated 90% are already gone and the situation will continue to get worse if drastic measures are not taken (University of Phoenix, 2007). Even though the fishing industry will suffer, conservation methods should be developed and enforced soon because large fish populations are endangered and their habitats are being destroyed. Various netting techniques not only deplete fish populations, but also destroy habitats for many of the ocean’s species including plants and animals. Growing world populations and commercial fishing have placed an overwhelming demand on the oceans.
Drastic steps should be taken soon to allow
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Research will also include conservation and sustainment statistics and other information to support new and innovative ideas regarding fish farming. Environmental issues related to fish farming will also be identified and addressed. Locations for fish farms and the resources needed will be detailed along with funding issues. Fishing industries and human populations that will be most impacted by the plan will also be identified.
Action Item Two Within three months following the completion of the research portion of the plan, a presentation will be developed. The presentation will include the purpose of the presentation and the urgent need for action will be explained. The purpose of the presentation is to urge the NOAA and EPA to develop and implement the Healthy Oceans Act to improve and sustain the oceans. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “A Healthy Oceans Act would provide a national vision for protecting, maintaining and restoring oceans while encouraging the development and implementation of local ocean plans”, (para. 10, n.d.). Continuation of current practices and the lack of conservation efforts will result in devastating consequences. Industry changes will be addressed along with a plan for displaced workers. As part of the plan for fish farming, fisherman can
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