Declining Minority Physicians in California

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Minority care quality in California is rapidly declining because of the shortage of minority physicians in practice. One might wonder why such a problem exists, but differences in cultural and ethnic identities between doctors and patients alter the quality of care because of preexisting stereotypes, health disparities, and linguistic gaps. Minorities in California consist of those other than non-Hispanic whites, and with their growing presence, they are becoming further underrepresented in the medical field. The foundation of this problem is the declining number of minority students attending medical school and the lack of diversity in medical school faculty. With a greater ethnic diversity in the medical field, comes a better quality of…show more content…
Even though programs like affirmative action help incorporate more diversity in employment and education, history still haunts the minorities of today and continues to affect their lives and careers, as evident in the number of minorities in the medical field. Medical schools also have their blame in the issues of diversity in the medical field. According to the article Diversity in Academic Medicine No. 1: Case for Minority Faculty Development Today, “the lack of URM [underrepresented minority] promotion in academic medicine might be the result of bias, specifically the stereotype that minorities are inferior” (Nivet el al. 492). The first step in promoting diversification in the medical field is diversifying medical school faculties and administrations, but with these biases, stereotypes, and ethnic rankings, medical schools aren’t able to establish the range of cultures necessary for minority success in medicine. With fewer minority faculty members being acquired or retained, one leads to the conclusion that racial biases, segregation, and elitism still exist in medical schools, and these faculties continue to pursue the wants and needs of the majority and tend to dismiss the problem of diversity in the medical field. As mentioned in the article found in the Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, “In 2006, the percentage of full professors who were white was 84%; the percentage of full professors who were URMs was 4.2%” (Nivet el al. 492). Tenured

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