Decolonization: An Evolution in Imperialist Relationships

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Decolonization is a process where in the ideal understanding of the term would be ending the exploitive relationship between the colonized and the colonizers with the intention of being s self-sufficient of the newly independent state. The romanticizing that the process of decolonization can be looked at as a significant accomplishment for the colonized is misleading, or at least it is heavily contested by scholars like Fanon who argues that the process of decolonization is one that is an inherently violent one. This Violence may be long or short term, and my manifest itself in the social, economic, ideological and political development of the state- or rather its underdevelopment, violence that Fanon offers up a solution to. Although Fanon argues for the understanding of the irrational, rational response to decolonization that is inherently violent, this essay will also look at the works of other scholars and authors like Thiong’o and Conrad in addition to other critical analysis of their work and the process of decolonization which would be essential to understanding the complex meaning of the concept of violence as it is used by Fanon. This essay will also present arguments supporting the validity of Fanon’s argument that decolonization is a violent process, and that the process of decolonization is a process that allows for the transitioning from colonialism to neo-colonialism where the colonialist become imperialist and retain their position of strength politically,
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