Decolonization Efforts Of Twentieth Century Africa And The Middle East Essay

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Zachary O’Brien
Professor Cody Aune
WOH 1030
27 November 2016
Comparative Paper #2: Decolonization Efforts of Twentieth-Century Africa and the Middle East

European colonizers fully expected their rules in the Middle East and Africa to extend for the rest of the twentieth-century; however, events leading up to World War II set off forces that helped to transition the Arab and African nationalist challenges to colonial rule and brought about the movement toward freedom presently and much sooner than anticipated. This paper will look to examine two particular regions – the Middle East and Africa and the decolonization efforts that have occurred well into the last decades of the twentieth century and continue to make headlines in the twenty-first century today. Moreover, discussed within is the impact of the Cold War and its aftermath with an increasing threat of terrorism which have signaled worldwide reconfigurations of global economies, governments, allegiances, and identity policies abroad.
Not discussed herein is the coverage of regions of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Similar to the struggles of the Middle East and Africa respectively, Latin America’s rich diversity and a large assortment of languages and cultures has further led to problems ensuing decolonization efforts. Equally important, and seen in all developing nations is the influx of European immigrants and massive population shifts in regards to dependence on industrialization
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