Decolonization Of Afric A Long And Tedious Battle Between The Imperial Powers And The Africans

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The process of decolonization in Africa was a long and tedious battle between the imperial powers and the Africans. After World War II ended there were an independence movements around the world, especially in Africa. Africans were determined and motivated to gain back their independence after being under European rule for years. During this period of decolonization in Africa there was an emergence of nationalism among the African people. This time is history is considered the second wave of African Nationalism. The African people had the desire to win back their independence and had the self-determination to governor themselves. African leaders such as, Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, and Julius Nyerer gained tremendous support and a following in the fight for freedom. Decolonization for some countries came relatively peacefully, such as Nigeria and Ghana. Unfortunately for another countries it was a bloody battle for them to achieve their independence, such as Algeria, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, and South Africa. The ideology of Africa being an independent continent was a wide spread desire for the people of Africa. They were willing to go to any length to achieve freedom and change. The African people felt they had nothing else to loose, since everything was already taken from them when the imperial powers colonized their countries.
In 1941, the Atlantic Charter was written by Roosevelt and Churchill, which affirmed that all nations have the right of self-determination.
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