Decolonization Of The Economic And Political Relations Between The Colonies And Their Colonizers

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Decolonization in this paper specifically refers to the dismantling of the economic and political relations between the colonies and their colonizers and in this sense the independence achieved by African, Asian, Island territories following the Second World War. When it comes to the process of decolonization there was no one set method. In some post World War II areas decolonization was peaceful and orderly, however for some other areas of the world independence was only achieved through violent revolution. Some countries were able to enter into governments with relative ease and they had relatively stable governments from the birth of their nation while others were unfortunately subjected to more bloodshed through the rule of military leaders or unstable governments riddled with corruption, incessant coups or lengthy civil wars. Much of the determining factors in these newly formed governments potential success was the process in which they achieved their independence and the relationship they had with their former colonizer and the international community at large. For Africa which was largely colonized by the British Empire, and later dismantled suggests that intense African nationalism in conjunction with international backlash for imperialism. By the mid to late 19th century, the industrialized powers of the world like Europe and the America 's had colonized much of the African continent, Asia and many outlying islands. The powers that industrialized viewed the…
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