Deconstructing an Advertisement

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We have decided to deconstruct the advertisement as follows: 1.what tools of persusion have been useds? Need to consider language of advertisement? (modality words, mood/tone) (voice used active) 2.what colours have been used in the advertisement? 3.What body language/gestures/facial expressions are being used between characters of advertisement? 4.Who is the intended audience? How do we know this? 7.What is the denotation of the advertisement? 8.What is the connotation can we infer from the advertisement? 9.what discourses are present? (need to include bias) 10.What presentation have been communicated? The advertisement speaks to the reader in a soft, familiar, enticing language as though she (and it is a female) is alone in the room with you. Although the advertisement mentions as an aside that the product is also patented for men, we receive the strong impression that it is the female who has been targeted as prospective market. This is due to the picture used, as well as colors, words, and situation. The colors are mostly lilac consisting of soothing pink, cream and purple all feminine associated colors. The picture is of a seductive woman, vibrant with health, hair falling into eye, bra straps peeking out, who smiles flashing her pearl teach at you, appearing the picture of health. The accompanying testimony is articulated in a warm familiar way with someone who refrains from proving her last name or city of origin only signing herself as a social worker. The
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