Deconstructing the Constructivism

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Deconstructing the constructivism
The paradox of the norm

Deconstructing the subject is first to analyses historically, the formation of different layers that have build the concept of the subject. When deconstruct the subject, it is important to analyze all the hidden assumption that are implied with the philosophical, ethical, theatrical and the political use of the concept of the subject.

Deconstructivist came to the public notice with 1982, the Parc de la Villette in Paris by Bernard Tschumi’s winning gantry. Deconstructivism attempts to move away from the supposing constricted rules of modernist, such as form follows function, purity of form and truth to the materials. In phycology with the use of free association techniques, we start to know the difference personalities of human. We could say in general, the idea is to open the box and start to find out the center within. The idea is to dismantle each of the elements and reform it into a different formation of language shown in figure 1.

The concept of deconstruction, deconstructivism is a style, all styles have their previous menophistation. In the early modernism is the heroic period where the white architecture as it is known from 1917 to the 1950. The white architecture in intellectual basis was formed, like several people who where in this time were Le Corbusier, Mies Ven de Rhoe, and etc. The intellectual center was the thing was in this German design school called The Bauhaus, in its key and
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