Deconstruction Essay

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Gajan Langeswaran Mr. Devereux ENG 4U0 May 11, 2013 The Role of Binary Linguistic Oppositions in the Context of War Most novels on war usually perceive only one side in the realm. An author like Timothy Findley can make a novel less about war but more about the physiological impact on ones mind because of war. The Wars is a very powerful and disturbing book with plenty of linguistic contexts. Timothy Findley’s Governor General's Award-winning novel of the First World War tells the story of Robert Ross, a young Canadian who enlists himself in the army after the death of his sister, Rowena. Robert has to cope with challenges of war, and make the transition into manhood and develop new beliefs in order to survive the war. Robert…show more content…
It grants the reader with the ability to choose which characters should be crowned as mentally strong or weak according to their actions; it runs in a close relation to the distinction of friend and enemy, which is another psychological battle that many soldiers encounter during the war. In the novel, The Wars, Findley frames the distinction of friend and enemy in a manner that is unavoidable. Similar to sanity and insanity, the deconstruction of friend and enemy becomes apparent after the physical war comes into play. One of the predominant events containing the friend and enemy opposition is illustrated when Robert encounters the young German soldier. The young German soldier was wearing “[...] a pair of woollen mittens that had no fingers”(Findley 128). It becomes evident to the readers that the description of the German soldier is in close relation to one of Robert’s friends: Harris. In fact, earlier in the novel, the archivist states, “[...]the men who took your fire(and returned it) wore blue scarves or had grey mittens like your own”(Findley 82). Findley uses these events as critical points in order to get the readers to disrupt their thought patterns, and question their beliefs of friend and enemy. Although the German soldier is armed, he
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