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Decor De Jour
Every House has a Story!!!
I’ll help you to write yours
Decor De Jour
Development and Statement of the Mission, Goals, and Objectives for the “Myself” brand

Decor De Jour is founded by a twain of bold as well as subtle and quirky, as well as a simple Home Decorator who believes that every house is special and has a story to tell. At Decor De Jour, I create, design, curate and style an eclectic mix of products. I have something for every house.
I create unique fusion of products from Table Tray Sets, Jewellery Boxes, Watch Boxes, Cutlery Trays, Crockery, Tea Sets, Coffee Cups, Mugs, Frames and all that your house needs to inspire, intrigue and enrich you’re lives.
Decor De Jour is set up with a simple mission: to
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After pursuing my Executive MBA in Marketing and Diploma in Designing, I created Decor De Jour, turning my passion into career. Today, I put my engineering, marketing, designing, management and sales background to work for my clients and delivering the designed products on time and on budget.
As a Home Decorator, my job is to help my clients not to be afraid of showing their character. I help them avoid or solve problems. I help them define their style and feel warm and inviting while also breaking all conventional rules of design.
Collaboration is Key - Many decorators are simply out to provide you with a decor that reflects their own tastes, and not your tastes. We believe that every client has a different vision and that understanding that vision is the most important first step of any successful design. Once that vision is understood, goals can be defined. Once goals are defined, we can begin to decorate the space and to select the finishes and appointments that will help us realize those goals.
The single objective is to position Decor De Jour as the premier source for home decorator in Mumbai area, commanding a majority of the market share within three years.

Analysis and description of the target audience for the “I” brand, for two different cultural/social contexts

Decor De Jour posses a good information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers
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