Decrease The Cost. ​Now That A College Education Is No

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Decrease the Cost
Now that a college education is no longer an option, but it’s rather vital, parents and students all across the nation fear to pay tuition every year. Over the past few decades the cost of tuition has increased by 137.2 percent. That is going from 13 thousand dollars a school year to 31 thousand dollars a school year. This 137.2 percent increase just goes to show you that tuition is way too high and has been substantially increasing over the past fifty decades. These increases make it difficult for lower-income students to attend college therefore making it harder to get into the first-class citizenship. Due to University of Oregon having a high tuition cost, some students aren’t able to attend, so should the Board of
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In my opinion I would say 49 thousand dollars is the minimum number for out of state annual tuition because they left a lot of little things out. For example, toiletries, groceries, gas, amenities for dorm etc. Given some students can’t afford all these amenities, not all will be able to attend.
With all the money that college students are paying for UO, you would think they would get a tremendous education, and be able to find a job after college. Some kids leave UO without a job and with a tremendous amount of debt, and that is setting them up to fail. And seeing that approximately one and every eleven graduate students don’t have jobs, that’s setting up for a lot of failure (Owen and Sawhill 214). Colleges are more worried about getting kids to come to their school, then they are giving them a quality education. The UO is starting to get pools, spas, rock climbing walls, and many more expensive attractions. I’m not saying that having all that stuff isn’t nice, but we are going to college, not a vacation. When students are graduating and not being able to find jobs and leaving UO with a high amount of debt, shouldn’t they spend more of their money on giving the students a quality education and preparing them for the real world? With students, not being able to find jobs, high school students could start deciding to go to technical colleges that are cheaper, and give you
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