Decreased Tear Production with Dry Eye

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It is also known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) which is a Latin phrase and is translated as dry inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea. This disease is found in both animals and humans.
The eye health depends upon the flow of tears for providing constant lubrication and moisture in order to maintain comfort and vision. Tears are made up of water that provides moisture to eyes with a combination of oils for lubricating eyes, mucus for the even spreading of tears, and special proteins and antibodies for providing resistance to any infection. These all the components are concealed by glands around the eyes. Dry eyes are experienced by a person when there is an imbalance in this whole system of tears.
Symptoms of dry eye:
The usual and common symptoms of dry eyes are:
1) Dryness
2) Burning
3) Eye irritation
4) Redness
5) Pulling sensation
6) Pressure behind the eye
7) Feeling of a speck of dirt in the eye
8) Pain
9) Vision blurriness
10) Light sensitivity
Sometimes a person also feels running of excessive tears from the cheeks and cause confusion but in actual these are mostly water without having lubricating qualities or composition of normal tears. These tears cannot lubricate or coat the surface of eyes properly.
Causes of dry eye:
The most common causes of dry eye include the environmental conditions, dry air from the air…

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