Decreasing Teen Pregnancy Essay example

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Decreasing Teen Pregnancy

Decreasing teen pregnancy has been a constant battle for the United States in the past few years. America has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western part of the world despite not being the leader in sexually active teenagers. The main problem is that here in the United States we do not educate our children enough on having safe sex. Our children end up learning on their own and eventually end up having a child from the lack of knowledge they have. They also take away from their own lives, because a child raising a child is a big task for anyone to take on.

The best way for teenagers to decrease the rate in pregnancy is to practice abstinence. It helps control the birth rates and stops the
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There are other ways to help prevent teen pregnancy. One is birth control; it can be taken in a pill form everyday or by an injection every 90 days. The only thing about this is that it is not 100% effective. There is still a chance a young female could be getting the injections and still become pregnant. In addition, if an injection is missed and her body starts producing eggs it doubles her chance of getting pregnant. The next option that is 100% fool proof is called surgical sterilization. This process will block the sperm duct in men and the fallopian tubes in women. As a teenager who would really want to go to this extreme being that young, or better yet what parent would put their child in that situation. The most common tool used to decrease teen pregnancy is the condom. It is easily available and anyone can buy them. The down side to these and is a cause of teen pregnancy is the improper use of the condom or the condom breaking during intercourse. This is one of the main causes of unplanned teen pregnancies. There are also many groups to help prevent teen pregnancies and decrease the rates. These groups can start within our children's schools or be provided to them by a local, state, or federal organization. These organizations will provide a young teenager with skills on how to avoid peer pressure and make them aware that sex should be put off until marriage or at least until they can afford to have a
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