Decriminalization Of Marijuana Research Paper

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Sometimes seen in today’s media is the activity of marijuana enthusiasts and their difficult mission to have their drug legalized for recreational use. Through the efforts of these activists in the United States, decriminalization and legalization of marijuana has been considered and in some cases deemed legal by many states. However, its consideration of legalization is not a spontaneous decision by the United States government nor the individual states, but is the result of ordinary citizens who support the use of marijuana actively disobeying the law and persistently expressing their ideas of how the laws surrounding marijuana should be defined. This large campaign has seen activity in Canada as well with steps being made to decriminalize…show more content…
The actions of these individuals fit the definition of civil disobedience which is the active and non-violent refusal of unjust laws with the goal to have the law reconsidered or struck down by the government. One unique and uplifting quality of this act of protest is the vow to non-violence as found in the protesters. The protests and their attendants are known for their cooperation with the police with one of the few reported examples of police and citizen conflict occurring in July of 2015 during Vancouver's Cannabis Day which left four arrested and many shocked at the brutality of the police. Although this act of civil disobedience is not one that involves much moral questioning as the assassination found in The Just Assassins, nor is the punishment for the disobedience as serious as the sentence of death as found in Crito, parallels can still be drawn between the acts of civil disobedience found in these works from Plato and Albert Camus and the pro-marijuana…show more content…
They believe that the legalization movement can be done in a responsible manner and allow for those who do not take interest in the movement to remain unaffected. Much like Socrates who believes that he should attempt to coax the changing of laws without unjustly breaking them, the MPP believes that the correct way to bring changes in legality of marijuana is to use tactics that are legal. Advertising for the purpose of awareness among other persuasion tactics could be used to positively influence both the public’s and the government’s opinion on the use of marijuana instead of participating in public consumption of marijuana on government property, which is both illegal in most states and is disruptive to the public. However Crito believes that Socrates not breaking the law by escaping his unjust punishment would only aid the ones who unjustly imprisoned him. This is similar to how the marijuana protesters believe that by breaking the law by smoking marijuana publically is justified because they believe the prohibition on the drug is unjustified and to refrain from smoking publically would
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