Decriminalization Of Prostitution. Since Time Began, Women

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Decriminalization of Prostitution Since time began, women have been selling sex through prostitution, men have been buying it, and society has been debating the legitimacy of the oldest profession in the world. The prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have cast a new light on the old moral and victimless crime arguments against and for legalization of prostitution throughout the United States. There are convincing arguments on both sides of this issue, points on both sides that cannot be ignored. However, when all is said and done, it is those who argue for the legalization of prostitution who are most convincing. The existence of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and its shockingly widespread presence in…show more content…
Unlike street prostitutes found in red-light districts, the ladies in licensed bordellos of Nevada are required to undergo weekly checks for venereal diseases. Within the last 30 years, over 20,000 tests have been performed. Of the 20,000, only 3.5% were positive. Thus, legalization of prostitution, with proper regulation, ensures the safety of the provider of the service. A Nevada state regulation requires all brothel patrons to wear condoms, ensuring the safety of both parties and preventing the spread of STDs, impregnation, and any other risks taken in unprotected sex. There are no safeguards in commercial sex in the forty-nine states without legalized prostitution. It is expressly stated before in sexual transaction takes place, a complete inspection of the customer is performed to detect any visible signs of a venereal disease or intravenous drug use, and the customer is required to wear a condom. If any visible signs of disease or drug use are detected, the transaction does not take place and payment is returned in full. Without legalization, in most cases, transactions take place without such inspection and there is no guarantee of a clean environment where the transaction can occur. Of course, the ideal solution would be the total elimination of prostitution, however this is not feasible, if it were, it would have been accomplished long ago. Control is quite feasible, though. If
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