Decriminalization of Drugs Essay

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For many years, a real push has been looming on the idea of legalizing now illegal drugs. This has become a hot debate throughout nations all over the world, from all walks of life. The dispute over the idea of decriminalizing illegal drugs is and will continue on as an ongoing conflict. In 2001, Drug decriminalization in all drugs, including cocaine and heroin, became a nationwide law in Portugal (Greenwald). Ethan Nadelman, essayist of “Think again: Drugs,” states his side of the story on the continuing criminalization of hard drugs, in which he stand to oppose. Whether it is for the good of human rights or not, decriminalizing drugs may be a good head start for a new beginning. Ethan Nadelman first states that the “Global War on Drugs …show more content…
Furthermore, Drug control is relevant to disease control. By this, I mean, since the usage of illegal drugs could bring an addict one step closer to an incurable disease, it has been brought to my attention that drug control and disease control have similarities of preventing one another. As you can see, Global War on Drugs may be far from winning to become executed. It’s hard to say that the population of the Earth would agree to such action, but the fact that it saves lives may help them reconsider. After all, drug addicts have brains; therefore, if they want to live life to the fullest, first step they should take would be to refute the continued criminalization of hard drugs. Another dispute over Nadelman’s writing is his comment on a strategic plan to reduce the demand for drugs. Nadelman thinks that reducing the demand for illegal drugs is impossible. Sure, there has never been a “drug-free society,” and more drugs are being found every year, but that does not mean there is zero possibility. In February 1998, former U.S. president Bill Clinton set a goal to cut national drug demand in half by the year of 2007 (“Reducing Demand for Drugs”). In order to commence the development of effective drug demand reduction, rapid evaluation of the nature and scope of drug abuse problem could be conducted in particular country or region. In addition, The Obama administration’s new drug strategy aims at
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