Decriminalization of Prostitution

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Patty Kelly’s article, “Enough already, it’s time we decriminalize prostitution”, takes the reader into a fascinating behind the scene look into one of Mexico’s legalized brothels. Although it is apparent that her research and investigation into this social experiment are well defined, it is too narrow a focus to gather all the required information to support her argument. Kelly begins with a half hazard analysis of Elliot Spitzer infidelity, then continues down the path that is far too laser like to see the overall effect on these women; failing to see these prostitutes as real people with hearts and souls. Instead, she produces an impression that the prostitutes are just commodity, bought and sold on the open market, lacking feeling…show more content…
Other contributing factor to his resignation was the devastating emotional toll this had on his family. His infidelity destroyed the trust in his marriage and he would need time to work with his wife in rebuilding that faith that is so vital to a healthy relationship. Even more appalling was that the police investigating this case had also linked him to a significantly greater crime, a major prostitution ring known as the Emperor’s Club. Either one of these criminal activities have been known to politically destroy government officials and Spitzer likely made this decision to try to escape the lime light with the intent to save his marriage and his disgraced political career. Had prostitution been decriminalized at the time of these events, there would still be questions relating to his lack of good judgement and deceitful actions. Sexual addiction cannot be blamed on prostitution any more than alcoholism can be blamed on alcohol, but never the less the link still exists. Decriminalization of prostitution would make this vice more accessible to someone whom suffers from sexual addiction. Some addicts consider the legal boundary to be one that they would not cross. Removing this boundary would allow some addicts to accelerate their addiction and spiral deeper into prostitution to gain the same feeling of arousal felt initially. This technique is similar to the drug dealer giving young kids meth laced candy; it
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