Decriminalizing Libel

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LIBEL SHOULD BE DECRIMINALIZED LEGAL RESEARCH PAPER Submitted to: Atty. Jill Marie Lopez By: Lorenz Corpus Gerald Dimalaluan Dayne Espiritu Neil Eustaquio Ces Francisco Darcee Galleon Jason Gavina Midi Gentica Regina Gomez Carlo Ilano Noel Illescas Nadia Karim Angelo Lajarca Group 2, 1D SY 2010-11 table of contents I. Definition of Libel 3 II. Defenses in Libel 5 III. Arguments for Decriminalizing Libel 8 IV. Bills for Decriminalizing Libel 12 V. Arguments against decriminalizing libel and Corresponding Rebuttals 14 VI. Conclusion 18 VII. Bibliography 20 VIII. Appendix 22 I. Definition of Libel The Revised Penal code of the Republic of the…show more content…
Such freedoms also have for its basis the supreme law of the land. Sec. 4, Art. III of the Philippine Constitution states that: XXX Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. XXX Without proper protection accorded to these rights, the Filipinos will find themselves in a similar situation as to that of the Martial Law Era when they only heard the news which the government wants them to hear. It is a deceiving and dark experience which no man would want to go through. It is therefore clear that such freedoms should be accorded great respect and value. It is imperative that these rights must be protected in order to maximize the benefits granted to the Filipino by no less than the Constitution itself. However, the group is not saying that the Filipinos should be indiscriminately allowed to say whatever they want to say regardless of the degree of truth and malice. In this regard, the group researched on what may constitute as outside the realm of libel. In an article entitled, “Libel as Unprotected Speech”, Prosecutor Eliza Yu, LLM gave a summary of defenses in libel, such as: 1. Proof of truth 2. Privileged communication, 3. Fair comment of public

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