Decriminalizing Prostitution

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Legalizing prostitution has become a vexed topic of discussion when it comes to feminism. Approximately 80% of prostitutes around the world are women who are either deeply affected by their sexual career negatively or not affected by the business at all. There are several cases in this debate that imply that once prostitution is legalized, the tremendous amount of women involved in prostitution would be elevated in terms of feminism, would be protected, and would help the economy. While legalizing prostitution can have its positive effects on the country and it’s economy, it is no lie that this business could possibly negatively impact someone’s life. It also leaves the position of women, universally, a step back from achieving full equality…show more content…
Some may argue that women would be protected with employer rights, but employer rights prove to be ineffective regarding the protection of women. Sure, employer rights could save a woman in prostitution from receiving physical violence from their pimps, but employer rights cannot save a woman from enduring physical pain and gaining health issues from the customers. In fact, many brothels are more concerned with protecting customers and protecting their rights rather than the women who are prostitutes. How can legalizing and decriminalizing prostitution possibly make situations better for women who experience violence among the buyers? The answer is: it can’t. Cameras could be installed to witness the violence the female prostitutes undergo to be in favor of the female prostitutes and protect them, but sadly, cameras that were installed in brothels in the past had the function of solely protecting the buyer, not the employer. The idea would not be used efficiently, but instead just another lump of wasted money on the customers. Women who were supposed to receive some sort of protection in brothels pointed out that during each session in the prostitution business, “no ‘protector’ was ever in the room with them” (Raymond, 7). The idea of having ‘protectors’ is eventually brought down because the idea was never executed correctly. With only a customer…show more content…
Women are often raped, sexually violated or beaten by pimps or by customers. Legalizing prostitution will allow more cases of dangers toward female prostitutes. Women obtain STIs and diseases from customers as well. Legalizing prostitution would not ensure health safety for female prostitutes. Moreover, some women are forced, accordingly to their own conditions, to go into prostitution, which dismisses cases against pimps because of their ‘voluntarily’ entering prostitution. This marks the start of the regression of women’s choice when prostitution is legalized. Female prostitutes should be rightfully treated, and when that starts happening in brothels all over, maybe then the legalization of prostitution should be
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