Decrypting Politics

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Conservatism describes the disposition of people who prefer heavy state intervention in private life and little or no state invention in the economy. Laura Stoker, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, created a graph (Figure 1) that separates people’s political standing based on their views of state intervention in private life and the economy (The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley). This description allows individuals to compare and contrast the different political views of people. However, there is more to the conservative label than just the group of people who prefer state intervention in the private life but not in the economy. Conservatism is typically…show more content…
There is not a specific enterprise faction within the conservative movement, but this exemplifies how there is not perfect harmony. More accurately, Lichtman is revealing how the conservative movement, through the joining of the knowledge, influence, and resources from the businesses that invest themselves in the movement, works with the religious side’s passion to form a workable base.
The first faction of the conservative movement we will analyze is the traditionalist faction. Dunn views the traditionalists as the original leaders of the modern conservative movement. He states they provided intellectual leadership spanning many years. This faction was horrified about the projects to expand government, such as the New Deal and the Great Society. Looking to foreign affairs, they were against the threat of communism (Dunn, vii). James Ceaser includes that presently traditionalists have become “defenders of the culture” (Dunn, 23). Ceaser believes they prefer change that comes naturally rather than change that is created and forced. In this way they aim to “conserve” by keeping more of a status quo or what gradually evolves in politics from situations. This seems to reveal the current situation in which a dramatic change in health care was forced upon the American people, for disapproval continues to be greater than approval (Rasmussen Reports, LLC). This is an example of an unnatural event that
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