Deculturalization of America

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have experienced a graduate deculturalization process as the country's majority assimilated them. Even with the fact that many communities struggle in order to preserve their cultural values, it is extremely difficult for them to do so in environments where they are being bombarded with cultural values belonging to other groups. While the U.S. has recently appeared to have adopted a more positive attitude with regard to other cultures, the matter is still problematic. The fact that many cultures have been gradually assimilated by the majority practically means that many traditions have been abandoned in order for people to develop interest in other concepts.
It is presently very difficult for a person to discover his or her cultural identity as he or she is provided with a wide range of cultural ideas originating in other cultures. Deculturalization is closely related to segregation, taking into account that both have been used as tools as the American government struggled to assimilate particular communities.
While speaking about deculturalization in a context involving the U.S. and methods it used in order to control Native Americans and African Americans, the problem is greater than this when considering the American continent as a whole. "Besides Native Americans in the United States and the First Nations in Canada, many indigenous peoples throughout Central and. South America experienced some form of deculturalization" (Spring 1).…

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