Dedé Mirabal: The One Left Behind

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The One Left Behind ` Dedé Mirabal was the sister who survived and persevered through constant grief and loss. She felt forced to fake a smile and pretend that her life was perfect. On page 65 it states, “I’m my own person. I’m tired of being the daughter of a legend,” (Alvarez.) Most of her life she was overlooked because of the death of her sisters, but she was a hero too. Despite the marvelous life’s that her sisters lived , she was forced to live most of her life without them. Dedé is a symbol of the one who was left behind. Her sisters’ left her to live in their legacy. She had a lot to live up to, but managed to rise above and make a name for herself. Dedé was born on March 1, 1925 and grew up in the small town of Ojo de Agua. She…show more content…
These three women were not just Dedé’s sisters, but also heros. Their death was devastating and shocked the world. Dedé had to live with the pain every day, but decided to turn her losses into something wonderful. She created a foundation known as the “The Mariposa DR Foundation.” The foundation not only supports the sisters’ legacy, but girls everywhere. Dedé went through so much, but still managed to smile. On page 5 it states, “Before she knows it, she is setting up her life as if it were an exhibit labeled neatly for those who can read: THE SISTER WHO SURVIVED,” (Alvarez.) Dedé turned a terrible situation into something that would not only help her grieve, but would help millions of girls around the world, and for that alone she is a hero. In Conclusion, Dedé was an inspiration to many. She overcame an incredibly tough situation and faced the world. She carried on the legacy of her sisters, and selflessly took care of what they left behind. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2014, but her and her sisters will live on forever. It was hard to overcome somethings so devastating, but she stayed strong and focused on the positive. Dedé was a hero who saved the memory of her sisters, and inspired thousands of
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