Dedication And Dedication Of Dedication

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Bryce Curtis Mr. Moore Senior English December 14, 2015 Dedication Have you ever wanted to just give up on something or just wish you had never started it in the first place? We’ve all experienced this feeling at least once in our lifetime. I have felt this through the thick and thin of my school career, and sadly I have tended to be the one who wants to gives up a lot more often than I’d like to admit. However, it is always the fear of failing, and in my case, not graduating that reignites my dedication in order to succeed. Dedication is when you absolutely devote yourself to something, doing whatever it takes to keep pursuing your goal. It’s more than a pursuit, it’s a passionate perseverance. In order to be good at something, truly good at it, you have to be dedicated to it. It’s more than trying to achieve the impossible, just so you can be the best. Everyone has that one thing that they are dedicated to. When you are dedicated, you don’t care about the parties, or going out with your friends; you will stay at home on a Saturday night to accomplish your goal. Dedication is what leads you to success. Without it, you will never succeed. However, dedication doesn’t always kick in right away. For example, my Sophomore year I realized I wasn’t going to pass my English class unless I did something. I talked to my teacher and asked what I could do. And after looking at the grade book this was her reply, “Well Bryce, unless you can get a 121% on this next essay, I don’t see you
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