Deeds Not Words. Throughout Wwii, A Strong Independent

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Deeds Not Words Throughout WWII, a strong independent women drew ideas together on equality for females and their involvement in the society they live in to justify and demand suffrage for women who were against the government. With all the social movement meetings Pankhurst attended and the discussions she held, she developed her own views on social injustice which made her become a suffragist. She not only fought for a change, but encouraged women to help men during the war by doing jobs that weren’t supported for females by the government. Lastly she urged women to become a militant in their own way in order to help be a part of the women’s equality movement. Emmeline Pankhurst had a vision to create equality among men and women,…show more content…
In 1903, Emmeline created a women’s social and political union(WSPU) that helped to inspire individuals in fighting for women’s rights. Their slogan “deeds not words” and name of this union was designed in order to emphasize it’s democracy (“The Women’s Social and Political Union”). This WSPU was composed of women from all different races, social classes and ethnicities from working to royal rank females. These women were willing to take part in drastic actions to fight for the fair rights they believed in. These members of this union worked together by disrupting parliament speeches as well as resorting to militant tactics to further their cause. Women from the WSPU resisted the government which accepted them to have courage and bravery as they were working against their body of nation. These women demanded political equal rights and equal responsibilities with men in society towards the government. To increase people’s awareness, they held street meetings and distributed suffrage literature (Rume, 1). These awareness movements, helped make the WSPU became the first and largest militant group that helped challenge the government. The WSPU tactics and ideas on the suffrage movement helped challenge women’s social inequality which opened eyes for females to see how unfair the life they were living (Steven 194-198). Suffragettes sought new methods to achieve political equality like women’s rights which Emmeline was proudly a part of. These women knew what
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