The Brian Clark Case

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According to the above petition filed on January 5, 2017, by Officer K. A. Tennyson, the following occurred at Deep Creek High School (2900 Margaret Booker Drive) in the city of Chesapeake, Virginia.
“Brian Clark was instigating Patrick Raymond to fight him. About 5 minutes later, Brian told Patrick that he was using his phone to record Patrick on live Facebook. Patrick asked Brian to prove to him that he was recording him by showing him his phone and when Brian put his phone to Patrick’s face Patrick grabbed the phone to turn it off. Brian had earphones in his ear connected to his phone when Patrick grabbed it, causing him to fall out of his seat. Brian then stood up, walked up to Patrick and punched him in the face. Brian then began to choke Patrick before slamming him to the ground. As Patrick was on the ground covering his head, he received numerous punches to his face, ear, and also a kick to his upper chest before another student stepped in to break up the altercation. Patrick suffered bruises and swelling to his face as a result of the assault. Officer Tennyson was made aware of a video that displayed the assault that was placed on social media. The video displayed Brian using a chokehold on …show more content…

“Detective Ostman reported that between 12/12/16 and 01/23/17, surveillance videos show Brian Clark, Jr. entering Burlington Coat Factory (located at 4200 Portsmouth Blvd. in the city of Chesapeake), selecting pieces of clothing, concealing them on his person, and leaving the store without purchasing them. 12/12/16 at 1747 Hours- Brian Clark is seen entering the fitting room while carrying a large quantity of clothing in his arms. Brian then exits the fitting room at 1800 hours with the selected clothing concealed underneath his clothing and exits the store. Amount of merchandise stolen:

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