Deep Dive : The Proven Method For Building Strategy

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In Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action, author Rich Horwath identifies that strategic thinking seizes to exist in most companies today. Horwath analyzes the significance of keenly utilizing scarce resources for survival— a skill critical in underwater diving, and operating a successful company in this day and age. Through his diving analogy, Horwath provides operative skills, principles, concepts, and methods— all of which must exist within a successful business to sustain its competitive advantage. Strategic thinking is defined as “the generation of business insights on a continual basis to achieve competitive advantage.” Generally, strategic planning has often times been found to exclude strategic thinking, thus results in minimal growth. Strategic thinking differs from strategic planning in that it happens consistently, on a regular day-to-day basis as opposed to on a schedule. Horwath explains strategic thinkers as: Beach Bums—beach-bum esque, this type of manager cognitively vacates around and minimally contributes to insights. Snorkeler— this type of manager coasts on the surface of situations. They’re generally the first ones to point out an issue, however don’t offer solutions. Scuba Diver— much like a scuba diver, when equipped with the proper instruments and guidance, they can produce strategic insight. Free Diver— free divers can dive underwater to depths of hundreds of feet on just a few

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