Deep Listeners : Music, Emotion, And Trancing By Judith Becker Essay

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The book I decided to review is “ Deep Listeners: Music, Emotion, and Trancing” by Judith Becker. I picked this book because I believe that I can relate music induced trancing with my major, which is music therapy. In the introduction Becker begins to discuss how trancing has become more prominent in Northwestern Europe and the United States. Becker describes trancing as, “empowering, for all concerned, attesting to the divine presence in one’s midst, legitimizing the religious beliefs and practices of the community, and often bestowing deep satisfaction on the individual trancer” (Becker, pg. 1). The book covers the techniques of trancing, the self-expression related to trancing, trancing within different cultures, and the affect of trancing on the conscious mind. To be more specific, Becker has written six chapters on trancing excluding the introduction and postscript. In Chapter one, which is called, “Rethinking ‘Trance’” is about, trancing and culture. Becker quotes a French philosopher, Jean- Jacques Rousseau who talks about the relationship of music and trancing. Becker continues by discussing how trancing can happen within language because language is universal, and can create a different type of trance. She continues by talking about the universal experience of trances. Becker says, it is hard to compare experiences since we don’t know enough about the state of the trancee during the trancing process, other then to state the bodily experiences people reclaim after

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