Deep Oce The Truth Of The Hundred Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

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Gyuseung Hwang Ms. Bailey English 101S 23 September 2014 Deep Ocean: The truth of the Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea Everyone might have once imagined dark environments and scary creatures which live in the deep sea. These childlike dreams are visualized in the popular novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. In the novel, the main character, Pierre Aronnax, searches for a mysterious sea monster while fighting with scary undersea creatures. Although many undersea creatures have been depicted in the novel, one of the striking deep sea creatures would be a giant octopus. This octopus is depicted as a scary creatures that threatens the main character. Many people might think the creatures are fake, but the giant octopus exists, which is also well known by today’s scientists. The deep sea normally is interpreted as the lowest layer in the ocean, existing below the thermocline and above the seabed, at a depth of 6,000 feet or more. As shown in the novel, the deep sea has been a mysterious and interesting theme for a long time. The subject area of the deep sea attracts many readers; therefore, it became a topic of many pieces of literature and science magazines. As a result, a lot of research has focused on investigating the deep sea. However, why do we have to conduct such research? Deep sea research was accelerated during World War II. The war brought many scientific developments in various fields; oceanography was not an exception. World War II caused a Belgium

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