Deep River Isobe, Mitsuko, And Numada

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In Deep River Isobe, Mitsuko, and Numada are the character that we have been introduced to. I would describe Isobe as being a non-religious man, conservative, and introvert. He, also embarrassed to reveal his feelings. While his wife is in the hospital, he doesn’t show his love for his wife. The book describes him as “Like most Japanese husbands, he was ashamed to present any outward display of his love to his wife.” (Page 9) Mitsuko is a divorced woman who volunteered at the hospital Isobe wife Keiko was in. I would describe her as confident, educated and independent woman. Numada is an author of children’s books. Most of his books include animals such cats, dogs, and birds. I would describe him as a caring and an animal lover. Isobe’s
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