Deep Water Persuasive Speech

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Me? A Supreme Leader? Well this new universe is already going downhill, and I’m already making the sign of the cross. Let me introduce you to my wonderful utopia, welcome to Deepwater. For starters, a huge asteroid hit the Earth and wiped out a majority of the population, so this would be formed a hundred years later once the population went up to a reasonable number. It wouldn’t be hard to get everyone under my control, I’d just have to promise everything that they haven’t had since before the asteroid. If anyone didn’t agree, they would be killed off and their existence would be wiped from any mind or text. I’m only trying to save humanity from itself, I’m not power greedy, I just don’t want another close to extinct for the humans. Once I had everyone under my reins, I’d have to keep tabs on the population size. Meaning, no one could have kids until they had permission and any kid born would be casted off to another planet. For all I care, the aliens could have their way with them. To organize my community I would have different factions, based on the work they…show more content…
Everyone was capable of reading, unless you participated with any of the drugs, they show that the individual is not strong enough to open the door that leads them to reading. Most of the books contained would be written by one faction and AA, after asteroid. Therefore life before the asteroid was unknown to all but me, the Crow, the ruler of all. Since a majority couldn’t exactly speak for themselves I had them praise the old greek gods, yet I made them believe that they were spoke through me, used me to get their message across. Which in fact, is a complete lie, I just needed them to stay in line and to fear me. No actual praise went towards the Crow, all credit goes towards the greek gods. Along with this nonsense of gods, we were advanced in our science. We are able to explore
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