Deepak Chopra Research Paper

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A man named Deepak Chopra immigrated to Toronto, Canada in hopes that he would find work as a doctor. Only arriving, he realized he is not qualified to become a doctor, because he is not a citizen nor does his degree officially qualify in Toronto. He has to wait four years to take an official test, and even then he will be out of practice and will likely to never become a doctor. He was then given a new opportunity for a job by a fellow Indian named Tony, who offered him a job to be a cab driver like him. He was hesitant at first, but after meeting other cabbie drivers which include qualified Psychiatrist and a Physicist he realized that he is just a statistic, a typical immigrant who will have his dreams crushed. He became a cabbie, but even…show more content…
The news traveled all over Toronto and eventually he became a viral hit and was nicknamed 'Dr Cabbie'. Soon all of his fame leads to him the attention of several Canadian to come to him for help because they were denied medical assistance due to the poor and unreliable health care plan. He began to illegally practice in the back seat of his cab which made him gain a small amount of respect and confidence to become a well fitted (legal) doctor. Hearing the news, Natalie feels sympathy for Deepak for his efforts and she eventually became his love interest and she hoped that he would be like a father figure to her child. Unfortunately, this brought the attention of the father of her child, Colin, who felt like the attention of his former fling (Natalie) will get people suspicious about who the 'deadbeat' father is and will ruin his chance of ever being Mayor and his career as a lawyer. The only way to save his career was to sabotage Deepak's career. Colin was lucky enough to do so when one of Deepak's patients, attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on drugs that Deepak prescribed under his illegal
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