Deepening My Understanding of the English Language

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One may ask “Why do we have to attend English classes when we can already speak and write?” Well, the reason is to master the skills of writing a good argument, which we expect to learn in English classes. In our lives, everything we do comes with reasons, so that we can justify our actions. This applies to different genres of literature as well; in the ghost stories genre, authors attempt to scare, teach moral lessons or entertain through their writings. Even each ghost story has its own significant purpose. In the ghost story, “The Open Window”, Saki deliberately replaces ghosts with a human character who manipulates truths in order to prove the ultimate danger of the unpredictability of human behavior. In a ghost story, readers would expect the presence of a ghost. According to Cox and Gilbert, the dead will never go away and they remain as ghosts; the most effective way of accommodating the ghosts is to encapsulate them in stories (The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories ix). This affirms the point that there will be ghosts in ghost stories, as readers will be anticipating its presence. In “The Open Window”, the reader’s anticipation slowly builds through a thorough description of the apparent tragedy, characters’ reactions and most importantly, the explanation of how “in the deepening twilight three figures were walking across the lawn towards the window” (596); the readers are expecting the appearance of a ghost. However, Saki deliberately replaces the ghosts with a
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