Deeplhery: Why I Love Me

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It was important for me to hear someone else say that their mother never said that they love them. My mother also was not an affectionate person, neither was my father much, although I can remember my father playing with us and rubbing his stubby beard against our face and tickling us at times. I never remember any play time from my mother. Yet it was shown in other ways that she loved us deeplhery. It wasn't much attention shown to me or my six other siblings. As I was growing up I just never heard "I love you" from either parents. I never hugged her until my teen years. When we would talk about things, her voice was very soft but at the same time somewhat stiff. I wander if her childhood and teen years were similar to mine. I think she had it hard since she was the oldest girl of five, and she had two children out of wedlock at a young age. If we look at those traits we are very different in raising our children and it is intentional. I hug, I say I love you, I kiss (A lot) my son as a baby, child, adolescent, and adult. Although as an adult I have noticed he gives me kisses way more often then his teenage years. I have always hugged him and he never thought twice with hugging me anywhere at anytime. That is just the way we roll with each other. In high school he was far from a perfect…show more content…
How then can you give love if you never received it? Laura was diagnosed with "failure to thrive" a medical term that we use in Hospice care when someone has given up. They are frail, some without any know illness, and function with a poor appetite or no appetite at all. Laura too was considered with failure to thrive. Her mother, is she at fault for neglect when Laura was seen as declining? I feel that the Psychiatrist intervened with help for both mother and child. The plan was to restore
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