Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Conflict

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Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Conflict

Kris Stephens

BUS 5903 Conflict Resolution

Dr. Jacqueline Gilliard

August 22, 2010

Executive Summary British Petroleum (BP) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. They have recently been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons after suffering a record breaking oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Tony Hayward, former CEO, has been criticized for his handling of the conflict, his remarks regarding the situation, and his lack of efficiency in handling the spill. Newly appointed CEO Robert Dudley faces an uphill battle of spearheading a campaign to clean the region of leaked oil, make amends with
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In relation to Grant, while Hayward expressed emotion, he did not provide those emotions that showed that he facilitated thought and promoted emotional and intellectual growth. “Emotional competences that underpin effective communication and social skills are therefore likely to assist project managers to more easily form good interpersonal relationships (Grant).” Nugent (2002) discusses the scenario of when two parties are in conflict, there tend to be numerous errors. Managers may also sometimes avoid acting when intervention is necessary and the conflict may escalate (Nugent). This is what has occurred in the situation with BP, they were viewed as misleading to the public, withholding accurate information and not responding in a timely manner, which probably comes down to a lack of preparation, as the article points, many managers themselves feel they are ill-equipped to deal with. The disaster aftermath, again, clearly showed that BP was not expecting this, suffering unnecessary casualties and leaking unbelievable, record-setting oil amounts, which have devastated the region emotionally, financially, and psychologically, especially in these trying economic times. Bazerman et al (2000) states: “The cognitive revolution in psychology strongly influenced research in negotiation.” It is important to develop accurate descriptions of the opposing party rather than just assume they will be rational. In this context, when we

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