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The online article, “Import of Deer, Elk Parts in SC Still Limited by State Regulation,” focuses on the issue of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk in the United States but mostly in South Carolina. It discusses the impact the disease has on deer and elk populations and the problems wildlife professionals face in detecting and understanding the disease. In relation to this main idea, it details how the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is taking precautions against the disease’s threat through several regulations in order to protect their vital white-tailed deer population.

Later, the author mentions a research facility that conducted an experiment where diseased deer and elk were taken from a facility. Then, the facility was disinfected and free from animals for a period of time. Finally, animals were returned to the facility only to be infected
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In my opinion, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is aligned with my beliefs of being prepared. It highlights the importance of people in our society taking strong actions to help preserve our wildlife. I believe the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’s actions are to be seen as a role model in the eyes of every other state in America and around the world. I believe this is important because the health of the world’s animals is directly tied to us in several ways.

Sustainability is a major aspect in AP Environmental Science and in the article. Therefore, in order to be able to maintain a sustainable society, I think the deer and elk populations play a large role in the four scientific principles of sustainability such as biodiversity that helps support our environment. For example, I believe because of the deer population forest ecosystems functions better with the help of deer and elk participating as healthy
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