Deer Hunting

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Week 7 (Assignment 6) The Way to a Good Deer English November 22, 2011 Deer hunting is a very demanding hobby. The one thing that everyone must keep in mind when hunting is your safety and the safety of others. The reason for this is that you are using a weapon that can cause serious harm to you or someone, but this is not what this essay is about. I want everyone to actually learn what it takes to be a hunter. Being a hunter takes skill and understanding how deer sense things. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about hunting is killing Bambie. This is not the way I think, because of how I was raised. I took up hunting at an early age. I would always go with my father. So, here is what I have learned…show more content…
During this time the woods may seem to quiet down. But don't be fooled, this is still a great time to be in the stand all day long. That's because big bucks will move at mid-day as they leave the doe they've just bred and seek out another that is just coming into estrous. This is how I was thought by my father; we still to this day go by this. It has made me a good hunter. Every time I go, I can come back with one if I wanted to. After years of hunting, I only take the ones I want. I just don’t take anything because I know that there is a big one out there, and that is what I am waiting for, even though I have taking big ones. The only thing to remember is, that you have got to get out there and hunt and plan on staying all
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