Defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn Essay

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Defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn

In this essay I shall be writing and explaining about the defeat at the battle of Little Bighorn. I will be writing about why the battle began in the first place. How it could have been prevented. And who was to blame for the defeat. I will also be examining why Custer decided to attempt to conquer the Sioux nation by himself, his attitude and ambitions and his personality. His background, his confidence, the battle itself and the reasons why he failed are also factors I will be exploring. As well I will be writing about why ‘mistakes were made’.

General George Armstrong Custer was born and bred in the small town of Munroe in Michigan. His father was a
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Once George McClellan had lost his job, Custer then went back to the Calvary and made incredible leaps in rank. Between July 1862 and July 1863, he went from first lieutenant to Brigadier General of Volunteers and then was given the command of a Brigade of Calvary. In 1865, Custer became a Major General at the mere age of 23. Custer fought with courage was incredibly brave as he would not let his men do something that he would not do himself. Up until the Battle of Little Bighorn, he was invincible because he had won all 51 of his battles and wars. The battle in Waschita 1868 was one of his best victories because he managed to kill the chief Black Kettle.

After the war Custer’s ego became to grow. He became an over confident, egotistic, flamboyant man. He was also a narcissist and loved himself- a lot. Custer had an interesting personality. He could kill without a single twinge, but was able to shed tears at a play in the theatre. After the civil war he became too confident. He was vain, respected by men and especially the women. But the woman who respected him the most was his beautiful wife Elizabeth. He was considered a hero, a brave man-in fact the bravest of all and most importantly he wanted Washington. To become President was his biggest ambition and the way to fulfil this dream was to continue his success in the
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