Defence Of The Igeneration By Renee Wilson

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In “In defence of the iGeneration, Renee Wilson argues that despite vast criticism, the iGeneration could be one of the best yet due to their skills obtained from technology usage. She presents anecdotes along with scientific facts to contrast critics and indicate that as a result of their differed upbringing, members of the iGeneration are natural, ambitious leaders. She suggests that rather than hindering, technology is actually allowing the iGeneration to be collaborative workers and self-taught learners. Wilson’s argument is convincing because although she generalizes the various generations, her argument uses anecdotes well and provides many other opinions to strengthen her stance.
Wilson overgeneralizes each of the generations mentioned in her essay and forgets to mention possible differences within each generation. As a member of a different generation who can understand the iGeneration, she is a contradiction to her own statements and disproves that the iGeneration’s way of thinking is actually not too “much for the GenXers and Boomers.” (277) Along with generalizing the other generations, she also misrepresents the iGeneration. Although there are many young people who “multi [task] very well” (274) and are “fantastic collaborators,” (274) there are others who are not. She does this to argue her opinion in a strong manner but unfortunately leaves out discussing a large portion of the iGeneration who have been negatively affected by technology. It can be inferred…

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