Defence Policy And Military Strategy

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strategies. For the military, an overhaul of the whole concept of Defence has gradually changed as cyber security is streamlined into defence policy coupled with economic influence and globalisation. ‘In the military, information and intelligence operations, routine administrative functions, and a wide array of everyday jobs have been increasingly developed and transformed with the support of interconnected electro-electronic devices’ . Defence policy and military strategy go hand in hand and Defence policy have been directly linked to current economic state of the present government and since UK economy was in recession in 2008 prior to the release of the CSS, the question of funding becomes unavoidable. Both the Armed forces and the…show more content…
Although the thesis does not take this line of enquiry but concentrates on the partnership with the police force, it is work noting that the relationship that exists in this partnership as recognised by the new doctrine will reflect how the current regular force will view their role in future. The Armed forces are required through the official secret Act to adhere to strict confidentiality, the survey was not intended to divulge any state secrets but to reveal how cyber priorities and training has been received and practice at grass root. With this reduction, the MOD released a Joint Doctrine Publication 0-01 (JDP 0-01) (5th Edition), dated November 2014 that ‘draws on the lessons of history, upon original thinking and from experiences gained from training and operations. It sets out the fundamental principles of the future military force’ which is depleted from what it used to be. The new doctrine takes into consideration of the following strategy; International Defence Engagement Strategy; New Operating Model: How Defence Works ; and DCDC’s Global Strategic Trends Programme. The policy is steeped in utilising
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