Defence Policy And Military Strategy

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strategies. For the military, an overhaul of the whole concept of Defence has gradually changed as cyber security is streamlined into defence policy coupled with economic influence and globalisation. ‘In the military, information and intelligence operations, routine administrative functions, and a wide array of everyday jobs have been increasingly developed and transformed with the support of interconnected electro-electronic devices’ .
Defence policy and military strategy go hand in hand and Defence policy have been directly linked to current economic state of the present government and since UK economy was in recession in 2008 prior to the release of the CSS, the question of funding becomes unavoidable. Both the Armed forces and the police budgets were cut during the coalition government budget statement. And new ways of doing defence and policing. Amid the reduced budget, the MoD will follow the route of research and development to develop to test and evaluate their cyber-warfare capabilities leaving the Police force lagging behind due to the organisational structure.

From 2011 to 2015, the Armed forces have undergone changes that reflect the current economic and technological state nationally and international. From reducing the workforce through four tranches of redundancy to the new employment model. The number of trained regular soldiers will be reduced from 102,000 to 82,000 will increase the number of reservists from 19,000 to approximately 30,000 by 2020. This…
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