Defendants: Case Study

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7. The Defendants still have not explained the falsified paperwork submitted to the FHA to obtain a loan we otherwise would not have qualified for. The falsified paperwork for a loan's criteria we did not fit, could have only led to one party getting a free home and that party is not the Plaintiffs.
8. Ocwen, Selene, Allquest, nor MSIII disclosed their business affiliation to us during the selling of this transaction.
9. We immediately contacted MSIII's underwriter and questioned the loan on November 20, 2012, because it was not what we were promised. She made it possible to have the FHA payment dropped on the front end to prevent us from rescinding the loan in the initial 3 day period. As we later discovered the plan was to regain it on the back end by claiming an escrow shortage.
10. There was no re-disclosure of the new payment nor any explanation of how it would affect the loan that we agreed to, which means that we were not given full disclosure and is just one more reason why we have a right to an extended rescission.
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Once we started paying on the loan, Ocwen did all they could to force our loan into default. This includes not paying the insurance, applying the payments late, giving us a different answer every time we called to ask them who was the creditor of out loan etc., All of this was happening while we were paying on the loan, which is why it eventually led to us filing a lawsuit. 12. Ocwen's attempts to wrongfully force our loan into default has ruined our credit. They do not have the disputed debt listed as “in dispute” on the credit report which is an FCRA violation. It is just more evidence of how Ocwen blatantly disregards the
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