Defending Customer's Privacy

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Defending The Customer’s Personal Data Kanjuette Wakefield Customer Relations and Servicing – 1 Professor Lori Wortylko August 6, 2013 Defend an organization’s right to collect customer’s data. Should the company limit the use of this information? I am choosing to talk about Wal-Mart and the way they choose to protect the customer’s data that is collected when a customer uses a credit or debit card or a check at Wal-Mart. This establishment is here to protect the rights and concerns of every consumer who purchases products through either online or by buying items in the store. I know personally from being a regular shopper at Wal-Mart and from working there for about a month they are very concerned about advertising…show more content…
Forecast what you think the customer service infrastructure will look in five years. I think in five years from today, Wal-Mart’s customer service infrastructure will improve because they want to continue to cater to the needs of their customers by any means necessary. Wal-Mart will continue to have a circular ad that displays certain sales and bargains, have online shopping for those who can’t get to the store. These will improve because if the customer can get what they want either online or in the store then it makes for great shopping and they will continue to come back because of the customer service they received. Wal-Mart’s forecast in my opinion is they are trying to better the quality of their products everyday and keeping the prices reasonable so their customers can continue shopping there. Their objective is to provide their customers with dignity and respect in order to maintain their cliental on a regular basis. Wal-Mart’s forecast is that they don’t plan on going out of business anytime soon because their thinking that some of the other retail stores won’t be able to compete with them if they (Wal-Mart) keep offering great deals and great customer service to all. References: SBA.GOV U.S.Small Business Administration, (ND) Wal-Mart Culture,
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