Defending Education Reform

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Defining Education Reform Beauty, we have been reminded many times, is in the eye of the beholder, and so is education reform. Reforming anything goes far beyond improving it because reform demands fundamental change, not mere tweaking. “The challenge involved in understanding educational reform begins with the challenge of terminology. The terms “educational reform”, “educational change”, and “educational progress” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinctly different meanings and implications. For example, the news media may refer to the recent standardized testing initaitave as an educational reform, and educational change or as educational progress toward the goal of more efficient and effective education” (Understanding Education Reform, Pg 1). Reform implies that something is wrong or at least could be better. Change on the other hand, simply implies that something will be different. What we dont know about our education system threatens what we do know. There are very concrete reasons why reform- as we’ve tried- has not worked. And why it wont. Ever. But there are things we can do. To reform is literally to form/ create/ shape something again; commonly it means to amend or improve. We need to view or ignore the system itself, it is still true that we aim our reform effort at the part with which we are most familiar, the classroom,i.e., teacher, students, books, methods. The need for reform comes from the diverse political system and it is directed at
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