Defending Evolution And Its Importance

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Andrew Shin
Mr. Coltman
Anthro 1
April 23, 2015

Defending Evolution and its Importance

The definition of creationism is the belief that the universe and living organisms originated from specific acts of a divine creation, as a biblical account, rather than natural processes such as evolution. Creationism is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks that divides the educational system; it prevents the teaching of biological evolution because evolution is inconsistent with creationist ideals. Thus many court cases and debates have been devoted to the topic of creationism versus evolution. The problem lies within the creationists’ line of thinking, evolution doesn’t’t undermine creationists ideals. Creationists also lack the understanding of certain evolutionary concepts, which creates a false understanding of how evolution works. Creationists’ misconception does not give them justification to remove the teaching of biological evolution. There’s a substantial amount of evidence to debunk creationists claims as well as evidence to show logical deductions showing the evolution theory to be most likely true. Evolution should not be removed from the academic curriculum due to creationists’ faulty understanding of evolution, derived from their misguided claims about creation itself. The main argument of creationism is that most of their ideals are just as scientific as any scientific practice, and therefore should be taught over evolution. The problem, in this situation, lies
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