Defending Privacy of Personal Information Essay

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Defending Privacy of Personal Information Privacy does not have a single definition and it is a concept that is not easily defined. Information privacy is an individual's claim to control the terms under which personal information is acquired, disclosed, and used [9]. In the context of privacy, personal information includes any information relating to or traceable to an individual person [ 1]. Privacy can be defined as a fundamental human right; thus, privacy protection which involves the establishment of rules governing the collection and handling of personal data can be seen as a boundary line as how far society can intrude into a person's affairs. The Internet offers many benefits but it also creates many threats that…show more content…
Some combination of these individual solutions needs to be integrated to ensure adequate privacy protection on the Internet. Comprehensive laws Under this approach, industry develops rules for the protection of privacy that are enforced by the industry and overseen by the privacy agency. This model is adopted by the European Union to ensure compliance with its data protection regime. Sectoral Laws United States has avoided enacting general data protection rules in favor of specific sectoral laws. The drawbacks with this approach are that it requires that new legislation be introduced with each new technology so protections frequently lag behind and the problem of a lack of an oversight agency. The lack of legal protections for individual's privacy on the Internet in the United States is an example of its limitations. Self Regulation Under this approach, companies and industry bodies establish codes of practice and engage in self-policing. The major problems are adequacy and enforcement since industry codes have tended to provide only weak protections and lack enforcement. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and self-help Today's privacy enhancing technologies are often cumbersome to use, unfriendly, require a degree of knowledge exceeding that of the common Internet users, some are poorly designed while others may be designed to facilitate law enforcement access. Knowledgeable users of the Internet can employ a range of programs
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